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What's necessary when deploying an Aurelia/Node application?

I've have built an Aurelia application, but I'm not sure what needs to be pushed to a production server. I've read up on Node and I'm starting to grasp it a little more. If we just push the dist folder (bundled folder), index.html, and package.json, does the server automatically use the json file to pull down the appropriate packages? Or do we have to run npm install on the server's CLI to pull down those packages? If we have to do that, then I'm assuming we must do the same thing with jspm.

Also, along with the json file, do we need do push config.js to production?

Answer Source

Run the command gulp export. It will bundle the app and copy the necessary files (index.html, config.js, etc...) to a export folder. Then, just copy the export folder to the server. There is no need to install packages in production.

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