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VS2013 Scaffolding Error when constructing view

I'm getting a curious error when attempting to generate a view via the 'Add View' dialog. Simply leaving the dialog as is (ie creating view 'View') and hitting 'Add' yields the following error dialog:

Error: There was an error running the selected code generator: 'The Templates/PackageVersions5.0.1xml file is missing from the installed template folder.'

Which I'm afraid means little to me. I've googled the xml file to no avail.

Not really sure where to go now - I'm unable to add views to my project via scaffolding (though I can of course just by 'adding a new item' and building it myself).

How can I track down the source of this error?

Answer Source

I'm afraid the rather unsatisfactory solution I arrived at was to create a clean project and import the project elements in, recreating the project from scratch.

I assume that some deep-configuration had become corrupted and I was unable to work out how to fix it.

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