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Cannot connect from MySQL Workbench to dockerized MySQL server

I'm trying to connect from the MySQL Workbench to my dockerized mysql server. I'm using Windows 10. Here is my Dockerfile:

FROM ubuntu:latest

# package updates & install mysql
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y mysql-server
RUN apt-get -y install supervisor

ADD supervisord.conf /etc/supervisor/conf.d/supervisord.conf

# bind sql script
ADD musicdb.sql /tmp/musicdb.sql

RUN sed -i -e"s/^bind-address\s*=\s* =" /etc/mysql/my.cnf


RUN /bin/bash -c "/usr/bin/mysqld_safe &" && \
sleep 5 && \
mysql -u root -e "CREATE DATABASE musicdb" && \
mysql -u root musicdb < /tmp/musicdb.sql

CMD ["/usr/bin/supervisord", "-n"]

I'm using this library to create, run, etc. the container from Java:

My actual method to do this in Java is:

public static void createContainerWithPorts(){
DockerClient docker;

try {
docker = DefaultDockerClient.fromEnv().build();

Map<String, List<PortBinding>> portBindings = new HashMap<>();

List<PortBinding> hostPorts = new ArrayList<>();

hostPorts.add(PortBinding.of("", "3306"));
portBindings.put("3306", hostPorts);

HostConfig hostConfig = HostConfig.builder().portBindings(portBindings).build();
ContainerConfig containerConfig = ContainerConfig.builder().hostConfig(hostConfig).image("mysql-container").exposedPorts("3306").build();

//create container
ContainerCreation contaierCreation = docker.createContainer(containerConfig);
String id =;

//start container

ContainerInfo containerInfo = docker.inspectContainer(id);

Scanner scanner = new Scanner(;;
} catch (DockerCertificateException e) {
} catch (InterruptedException e) {
} catch (DockerException e) {

Java builds the Container fine from the before created Docker Image. When I'm looking on actual running Docker Container it looks that the port binding works. When I access my container with
docker exec -it SQLContainer bash
it works fine and I can access my SQL server.

When i try to connect with MySQL Workbench, I got the error message shown in the picture below:
MySQL Workbench Error Message

Does someone know what I'm doing wrong?


Answer Source

I think you need to create a new user for your mysql server and specify from where the user can be used. This is because root access is only available through localhost I believe.

So to create a new user, you need to add a little something to the RUN command where you start your server:

RUN /bin/bash -c "/usr/bin/mysqld_safe &" && \
sleep 5 && \
mysql -u root -e "CREATE DATABASE musicdb" && \
mysql -u root musicdb < /tmp/musicdb.sql && \
mysql -u root -e "CREATE USER 'newUser'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'somePassword'" && \
mysql -u root -e "GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'newUser'@'%' WITH GRANT OPTION"

That way you create a new user with the name newUser that can access from anywhere.

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