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TypeScript Question

How can I assign out-of-order JSON data to the constructor of a class in Typescript?

I have some json data that I'd like to cast to a typescript object. Please consider the following:

item1 = {'type':'fruit', 'name':'apple', 'color':'red'},
item2 = {'name':'tiger', 'type':'animal'}

The items vary in the number of fields they contain and the order. I also have a class as below:

class Item{
constructor(...args:any[]){ = //what should I do here

I'm assuming since I have an unknown number of properties for each item, I should be using
but feel free to correct me if that is not a good approach. Now, my question is how can I tell the constructor to look for 'name' for instance. If things were in order, I would use
args[0], args[1]
but since they are not in order, I'm looking for something like


  1. Items are added as such:
    firstItem = new Item(//item details here)

  2. The info above is only an example to get the point across. In reality there are thousands of different items all in a JSON string and each item can also have subnodes, so defining a separate class for each is not an option. What all the items have in common is that they all have a 'name'.

Answer Source

It's not very clear from the question, but it sounds like the Item class is used to create a single instance of an item. So should the class not look like:

// class definition
class Item {
    constructor(input:any) {
        if (input) {

const item1 = {'type':'fruit', 'name':'apple', 'color':'red'},
const item2 = {'name':'tiger', 'type':'animal'}

const item1Instance = new Item(item1);
const item2Instance = new Item(item2);
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