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Apache Configuration Question

Remove port number from URL

I am very new to nodejs . I am using (Godaddy)WHM (apache 2.2.3) .

I am referring following link

but I am not finding the httpd.conf file in my WHM.

I have also tried for following from my WHM.
(Home >> Service Configuration >> Apache Configuration >> Global Configuration)

How to take backup of my old httpd.conf file, Edit the file and add new content given by Anna.

Can you give me the steps for
1) Go to httpd.conf
2) Take backup of old httpd.conf
3) Add new content given by Anna

Answer Source

You can't remove port number from url unless it is default port such as 80 or 443.

You can mask it if you reverse proxy, but still your frontend port would have to be 80 or 443.

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