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CSS Question

Not highlighting the button in navabr after clicking

I am using font-awesome and bootstrap and I have this in my menu:

<li><a href="/help/index.htm" target="_blank"><i class="fa fa-question-circle"></i> Help</a></li>

and I looked around the
and this was the part affecting the color:

.navbar-inverse .navbar-nav > li > a:hover,
.navbar-inverse .navbar-nav > li > a:focus {
color: #ffffff;
background-color: #006687;

the problem is when I click on that link, it opens my help page in a new tab which is fine BUT now the Help button remains in that selected focus color until I click somewhere else on the form. I thought removing the
part and just leaving the
part will fix it but it didn't .
What else should I do?

Answer Source

Try not to remove the a:focus part, but to overwrite it:

.navbar-inverse .navbar-nav > li > a:focus {
  // here comes your default stance, for example:
  background-color: transparent;
  color: #337ab7;
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