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Unity In-App Purchase Local Validation is slow

I'm currently changing our game's in-app purchasing model from an older add-in to unity's built-in service. Up until now there have been no issues testing payments and validating receipts, both live and using sandbox accounts.

Following the Unity guides I have developed a store, and can successfully make new payments with a sandbox account, however local validation takes around 2 minutes on an iPad Air 2. Is this normal? Our previous add-in validated receipt data using the App Store, and took only a few seconds.

private bool CheckReceipt()
Debug.Log("IAP: Default for editor, receipt valid.");
return true;
CrossPlatformValidator validator = new CrossPlatformValidator(GooglePlayTangle.Data(),
AppleTangle.Data(), Application.bundleIdentifier);
Product product = controller.products.WithID(ProductID);
string receipt = product.receipt;
if (receipt == null)
Debug.Log("IAP: No receipt.");
return false;
Debug.Log("IAP: Validating receipt...");
IPurchaseReceipt[] result = validator.Validate(receipt);
return result[0].productID == ProductID;
catch (IAPSecurityException e)
Debug.Log("IAP: Invalid receipt, not unlocking content");
return false;

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In mode "Sandbox" this time for validation very real, when you change paying to "Battle" mode all stand normal

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