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How to override HTML <FONT SIZE="2"> with CSS

I was given the task of doing a facelift to our current site. I am moderately well versed in CSS so I am converting the bazillion tags to CSS styles and deleting about 2 times that many that were simply not necessary.

It's all going well until I run into a certain product page that is only a wrapper into which other HTML files are pulled by a server.execute(filename) command. (we're using aspx for the wrapper page.)

There are almost 700 of these pages and they all are cursed with this and that. Past editors with FrontPage that only know how to drag pretty things on the screen.

Anyway, I am wondering if there is a way to use CSS in the wrapper page to override the tag behavior so I can make it something sane that fits with the rest of my pages. I'd even be open to something JavaScript that would remove the tags, but that's my less preferred solution. Thanks!

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font[size="2"] {
   property: value !important;

The !important after property values is what you're looking for.

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