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Selecting only Non-file Parameters from Laravel Request

For one of my Laravel Web app I want to log all the Request Parameters(Post as well as Get) in database in Json Format for that I am using

Method, which results in an exception when user tries to upload any file.

that's why I want a way to select only Serializable Parameters from the request.(for get as well as for post Requests) or a way to select all the request parameters except files.

will not work for me since in Except method we will have to provide the file parameter names.

Answer Source

Since any of the answer didn't work for me I did lots of reading and some digging about laravel but still I could not find the specific solutions I was looking for, so I did a small hack, instead of using Laravel's Request Object and pulling parameters from there I simply used PHP's built in $_REQUEST parameter.


$non_file_parameters = $_REQUEST;

$_REQUEST will have both Get as well as Post Parameters except file Parameters coz in Core PHP for files we have $_FILES super global variable.

Thanks guys for your efforts...

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