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Pointers based code giving Segmentation fault in CodeBlocks

This is my code. I keep getting a segmentation fault at the end of code. All the things running fine but the segmentation fault comes at the end.

I am trying to prepare checkers game and the first step is to initialize each piece with a symbol. This code tries to do the same.

CodeBlocks version : 13.12
Windows 7

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

#define boardheight 8
#define boardwidth 8
struct Player_symbols{
char symbol;
char king_symbol;

struct Checker_piece{
char king;
int on_board;
int num_moves;
int player;
struct Player_symbols* symbols;

int pieces_count[2] = {12,12};
struct Checker_piece* player_1_pieces;
struct Checker_piece* player_2_pieces;

void initialize_player_pieces(struct Checker_piece* player_pieces, struct Player_symbols* player_symbols, int player_num);
void initialize_board(struct Checker_piece* checker_board[boardheight][boardwidth],struct Checker_piece* player1,struct Checker_piece* player2);
void print_board(struct Checker_piece* checker_board[boardheight][boardwidth]);
int move_piece(struct Checker_piece* checker_board[boardheight][boardwidth], int x,int y,int player);
void continue_jumping(struct Checker_piece* checker_board[boardheight][boardwidth],int* y,int* x,int player);
int generate_destination(int x, int *dest_x, int *dest_y, int *dest_y_jump,int dest_y2,int dest_y2_jump,int move_flags,int player);

int main()

struct Checker_piece* checker_board[boardheight][boardwidth];
struct Checker_piece* dummy;
struct Player_symbols* dummy_symbol;
//declare and initialize the Checker_piece structures by allocating memory dynamically using a dummy structure to determine its size
player_1_pieces = malloc(12*sizeof dummy);
player_2_pieces = malloc(12*sizeof dummy);
struct Player_symbols *player_1_symbols,*player_2_symbols;

player_1_symbols = malloc(sizeof dummy_symbol);
player_2_symbols = malloc(sizeof dummy_symbol);

//initialize the player symbols
player_1_symbols->symbol = 'o';
player_1_symbols->king_symbol = 'O';
player_2_symbols->symbol = 'x';
player_2_symbols->king_symbol = 'X';


return 0;

void initialize_player_pieces(struct Checker_piece* player_pieces, struct Player_symbols* player_symbols, int player_num){
int i;
for (i=0; i<12; i++, player_pieces++ ) {
player_pieces->symbols= player_symbols;

Answer Source

Your check_board is declared as an array of pointers when it should be an array of struct. Likewise for dummy and dummy_symbol (which you don't even need, by the way).

If you want to malloc a symbol, then malloc a symbol, not a pointer to a symbol. But you don't even need to malloc those: just declare stack-based variables:

struct Player_symbols player_1_symbols; // no pointer, no malloc needed
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