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Can I install Mercurial in my home directory?

I would like to install Mercurial on a Linux system where I don't have


How can I do this in a way so that I can easily uninstall Mercurial again and upgrade it when new versions are released?

Also, can I get a package for Windows that does not require admin rights to install?

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Mercurial in home directory, how?

It is very easy to compile and install Mercurial in your home directory, I've done so myself.

This linked wiki-post will certainly provide some aid if you have questions;

Use make install-home to install hg to your home directory, it'll put the binary file in ~/bin and associative files in ~/lib.

When uninstalling or upgrading to a new version you could either delete the files that the makefile have put in, or let make install-home (if upgrading) overwrite the existing files.

Make sure to update your $PATH after installation so that it includes ~/bin.

Install Mercurial on windows without being admin, how?

Following the link below will lead you to the download section of Mercurial. There you'll be able to find installation bundles for Windows that doesn't require administration rights.

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