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C++ Question

Advantages of std::for_each over for loop

Are there any advantages of

loop? To me,
only seems to hinder the readability of code. Why do then some coding standards recommend its use?

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The nice thing with C++11 (previously called C++0x), is that this tiresome debate will be settled.

I mean, no one in their right mind, who wants to iterate over a whole collection, will still use this :

for(auto it = collection.begin(); it != collection.end() ; ++it)

Or this :

for_each(collection.begin(), collection.end(), [](Element& e)

when the range-based for-loop syntax is available:

for(Element& e : collection)

This kind of syntax is available in Java and C# for some time now, and there is actually way more foreach loops than classical for loops in every recent Java or C# code I saw.

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