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Passing JS function to Emscripten-generated code

I have a piece of C++ code converted to JavaScript via Emscripten. I would like the converted C++ code to call back to the JavaScript code that calls it. Something like:


function callback(message) {

ccall("my_c_function", ..., callback);


void my_c_function(whatever_type_t *callback) {
callback("Hello World!");

Is this possible somehow?

Answer Source

I believe the accepted answer is a bit outdated.

Please refer to this bullet point in the "Interacting with code" emscripten tutorial.

E.g. C:

void invoke_function_pointer(void(*f)(void)) {


var pointer = Runtime.addFunction(function() { 
  console.log('I was called from C world!'); 
Module.ccall('invoke_function_pointer', 'number', ['number'], [pointer]);

This way the C-code does not need to be aware of that it is transpiled to JS and any bridges required can purely be controlled from JS.

(code hacked into message composer; may contain errors)

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