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How to round integers in python

I am trying to round integers in python. I looked at the built-in round() function but it seems that that rounds floats.

My goal is to round integers to the closest multiple of 10. i.e.: 5-> 10, 4-> 0, 95->100, etc.

5 and higher should round up, 4 and lower should round down.

This is the code I have that does this:

def round_int(x):
last_dig = int(str(x)[-1])
if last_dig >= 5:
x += 10
return (x/10) * 10

Is this the best way to achieve what I want to achieve? Is there a built-in function that does this? Additionally, if this is the best way, is there anything wrong with the code that I missed in testing?

Answer Source

Actually, you could still use the round function:

>>> print round(1123.456789, -1)

This would round to the closest multiple of 10. To 100 would be -2 as the second argument and so forth.

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