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regex .exec() loosing first digit of matched string

I am building a nodeJS JavaScript application and am trying to use regex to process some markdown files.

I have the following code:

var title = /```.(.*?\n)/.exec(codeBlock);
console.log('Code: ' + codeBlock);
console.log('Title: ' + title[1]);

and the output is:

Code: ```TypeScript
animationSet = new animationModule.Animation([{
target: view,
rotate: 360,
duration: 3000,
iterations: Number.POSITIVE_INFINITY,
curve: view.ios ? UIViewAnimationCurve.UIViewAnimationCurveLinear : new android.view.animation.LinearInterpolator
}]); => {
console.log("Animation stopped!");
// Call animationSet.cancel() to stop it;
Title: ypeScript

Notice rather than the full "title" I am looking the first character. If I add a space, such that first line of the code block is
``` TypeScript
then I get an output of
Title: TypeScript

Where is my first character going and how can I get it back!

Answer Source

Helpful tool

hmmmm your capture group starts after first charater


it says :

  • ``` - this 3 charaters
  • . - one any charater <- here is your charater consumed but not captured
  • ( - start capture group
  • ...etc

so valid pattern will be :

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