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HTML <m>: what is it?

I recently tried to post a note on facebook where I wrote

. It got terribly deformed. I eventually figured out
had to be some HTML command, so I fixed the issue by
P(Tn < M)
. I googled for HTML
and HTML
but didn't seem to find anything useful. So I come here and ask: what does
do in HTML? Is it an HTML command in the first place? Note: I know mostly nothing about HTML, but I do know that if I type
in here without the code markup it simply vanishes, and if I type it in a facebook note everything after it is lowercased and every word is made to be followed by
or something like that, and at the end of the note an
appears. I do know that HTML often uses
<foo> </foo>
for things, so I think this is in fact HTML. Of course I don't know if facebook or SX use HTML, so that is a guess. Could you enlighten me?

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Please see Patrick Hofman's answer as the link I have provided is no longer working. As others have suggested this is not a part of standard HTML 5 but may belong to some framework from ASP.NET or javascript.


"The tag defines marked text. Use the tag if you want to highlight parts of your text

Src: http://www.scriptcs.com/Lesson/tags/html5_m.asp.htm

It's an HTML 5 element.

(I typed html m tag in Google)

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