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parsing dates in the form of strings using arrow date manipulating python library

I am looking to convert "september 20 2010 to a python date object using arrow.

I have written functions to replace portions of the text and ended up with 9/20/2016 but I want YYYY-MM-DD format and can't seem to get arrow to recognise my string and convert it to a python date object (without any time).

What has worked and what hasn't.

arrow.get('september 20 2010', '%B %d %Y')

this doesn't work for me I get an error: ParserError: Failed to match '%B %(?P[1-7]) %Y' when parsing 'september 20 2010'

However when I manipulate the string and then use arrow.Arrow(y,m,d).date() the result is a datetime.date(2016, 9, 20) object I just can't convert it to any other format using #.format('dddd-DD-MMMM-YYYY') which would return Monday 20 Septemb 2010.

Answer Source

Using arrow, you have to match the exact syntax of your string, here is the list of the associated token.

arrow.get('September 20 2010', 'MMMM D YYYY')

Once you get your arrow object, you can display it however you like using format() :

ar = arrow.get('September 20 2010', 'MMMM D YYYY')
print(ar.format('YYYY-MM-DD')) # 2010-09-20
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