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Designing database with entity relations

So I am new in designing databases and I'm trying to represent a db diagram for a system where students can rate professors and school. Also Students and Professors can have their account to login.
Is this a proper presentation and am I missing anything as of entity relations ?
And I wasn't sure if i need to use any inheritance as well ..

Entity Relation Diagram

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  1. Enumerated columns are good indication for bad design.
    You need an additional table for values.
    Once that done, there is no need to separate school rating from professor rating -
    use a general rating table containning the id of the rater (which is always a student in your case) and the id and type (school/professor) of the rated element.

  2. I don't see any reason to put students and professors in different tables.
    Think of it as a person table with a role attribute.
    If a person can be both, than instead of the role attribute add 2 flags columns - is_student and is_professor.

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