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Using join subqueries in Ecto v2.0

I'm trying to join the latest comment on a post record, like so:

comment = from c in Comment, order_by: [desc: c.inserted_at], limit: 1

post = Repo.all(
from p in Post,
where: == 123,
join: c in subquery(comment), on: c.post_id ==,
select: [p.title, c.body],
limit: 1

Which generates this SQL:

SELECT p0."title",
FROM "posts" AS p0
FROM "comments" AS p0
ORDER BY p0."inserted_at" DESC
LIMIT 1) AS c1
ON c1."post_id" = p0."id"
WHERE ( p0."id" = 123 )

It just returns
. If I remove the
on: c.post_id ==
it'll return data, but obviously it'll return the lastest comment for all posts, not the post in question.

What am I doing wrong? A fix could be to use a
clause in the comment subquery, but I can't figure out whether it's possible to pass the
reference into the subquery in order to do that.


Answer Source

The issue was caused by the limit: 1 here:

comment = from c in Comment, order_by: [desc: c.inserted_at], limit: 1

Since the resulting query was SELECT * FROM "comments" AS p0 ORDER BY p0."inserted_at" DESC LIMIT 1, it was only returning the most recent comment on ANY post, not the post I was querying against.

FYI the query was >150ms with ~200,000 comment rows, but that was brought down to ~12ms with a simple index:

create index(:comments, ["inserted_at DESC"])



A better way of implementing it would be to use INNER JOIN LATERAL. Unfortunately ecto doesn't support LATERAL joins right now.

An ecto fragment would work great here, however the join query wraps the fragment in additional parentheses (i.e. INNER JOIN (LATERAL (SELECT …))), which isn't valid SQL, so you'd have to use raw SQL for now:

sql = """

  SELECT p."title", 
  FROM   "posts" AS p 
         INNER JOIN LATERAL (SELECT c."id", 
                     FROM   "comments" AS c 
                     WHERE  ( c."video_id" = p."id" ) 
                     ORDER  BY c."inserted_at" DESC 
                     LIMIT  1) AS c 
                 ON true 
  WHERE  ( p."id" = 123 ) 
  LIMIT  1


res = Ecto.Adapters.SQL.query!(Repo, sql, [])

This query returns in <1ms on the same database.

Note this doesn't return your Ecto model struct, just the raw response from Postgrex.

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