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App installation failed due to application-identifier entitlement

I am unable to install a watchOS 2 WatchKit app due to an application-identifier entitlement. This happened after turning on App Groups in the Capabilities tab.

Full error:

App installation failed

This application's application-identifier entitlement does not match that of the installed application. These values must match for an upgrade to be allowed.

Screenshot 1

This is running the app in debug mode on a physical device. Running just the iOS app works fine.

I have turned App Groups off again and removed the entitlements files that were added, but same error.

Answer Source

I had this problem with an iPhone app, and fixed it using the following steps.

  • With your device connected, and Xcode open, select Window->Devices
  • In the left tab of the window that pops up, select your problem device
  • In the detail panel on the right, remove the offending app from the "Installed Apps" list.

After I did that, my app rebuilt and launched just fine. Since your app is a watchOS app, I'm not sure that you'll have the same result, but it's worth a try.

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