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Java Question

Is it currently possible to enable the mac's integrated graphics chip in a Java application?

Is there a way to get a Java application to use the integrated, rather than the discrete, GPU on a mac?

(I'm interested in ways to ship an app that won't push the user's Mac laptop into discrete mode, rather than ways to lock in integrated mode on my own laptop for all applications, like gfxCardStatus does.)

Answer Source

Unfortunately, what you want is not possible using Java 7.

Some sources from around the web:

You already mentioned gfxCardStatus, but that seems to be the only way

Theoretically you can disable OpenGL support, however this is not enough for it to not trigger that java needs discrete graphics. It appears that as part of the evaluation as to whether or not it should use openGL, it tickles the GPU, and the mac decides that it must fire up the discrete GPU for the lifetime of that application.

edit: it appears that not even gfxCardStatus can prevent the switch anymore.

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