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What is the purpose of the operator as "/="?

I just read an book about programming, I found a operator that I do not understand like


Here the example :

for(x = 0, y = 4, z = 4000; z; z /= 10)

Anyone can explain ?

Answer Source
z /= 10;

is the same as

z = z / 10;

The condition in your for loop is not z /= 10. The condition is z (aka z != 0) so the loop continues until z becomes zero.

Assuming that z is an integer, you'll get this:

1st loop: z = 4000
2nd loop: z = 400
3rd loop: z = 40
4th loop: z = 4

Then there wont be more loops as z will become zero (as 4/10 is zero for integer division) and the loop will stop.

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