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SQL Question

Merge multiple join records into one by id

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Having two tables:

# table1
id name desc
1 Nim blah
2 Rod blah
3 Nero blah

# table2
id_table1 rank url
1 1 U11
1 2 U12
1 3 U13
2 1 U21
3 1 U31
3 2 U32

Currently I am using a JOIN query and typically get:

id name desc url
1 Nim blah U11
1 Nim blah U12
1 Nim blah U13
2 Rod blah U21
3 Nero blah U31
3 Nero blah U32

I am wondering if there is a query that will deliver something like:

id name desc url(1) url(2) url(3)
1 Nim blah U11 U12 U13
2 Rod blah U21 NULL NULL
3 Nero blah U31 U32 NULL

Answer Source

Assuming you know the number of potential columns, one option is to use conditional aggregation to pivot your results:

select,, t1.desc, 
       max(case when t2.rank = 1 then t2.url end) url1,
       max(case when t2.rank = 2 then t2.url end) url2,
       max(case when t2.rank = 3 then t2.url end) url3
from table1 t1
       join table2 t2 on = t2.id_table1
group by,, t1.desc
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