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Using Sphinx to document multiple Python pojects

I'm getting started using Sphinx. I've read a few tutorials but I'm still a bit hung up on how I set up multiple projects.

What I mean is, after installing sphinx, this guide says

To get started, cd into the documentation directory and type:
$ sphinx-quickstart

Let's say I have 5 separate Python projects each in it's own directory (all individual git repos, etc).

My question is, what exactly is "the documentation directory" (aside from the obvious) and how do I set up Sphinx when working with multiple projects?

Do I make one "master documentation directory" somewhere and as I use Sphinx, do I create sub directories for each project or similar?

Or do I create a "documentation directory" inside of each of my projects and run
$ sphinx-quickstart
to set up Sphinx for each individual project?

I'm trying to understand the big picture here but cant find a tutorial that spells out this aspect of things.

Answer Source

The sphinx-quickstart command generates a documentation skeleton for a single project, so if you have multiple separate projects you will have to run it in each one of them. The link you posted uses the phrase "documentation directory" because the directory name and relative position in the project directory is up to you (they appear to be putting it in project_root/doc), not because there should be some centralised directory of documentation for all of your projects.

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