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Convert seconds value to hours minutes seconds?

I've been trying to convert a value of seconds (in a BigDecimal variable) to a string in an editText like "1 hour 22 minutes 33 seconds" or something of the kind.

I've tried this:

String sequenceCaptureTime = "";
BigDecimal roundThreeCalc = new BigDecimal("0");
BigDecimal hours = new BigDecimal("0");
BigDecimal myremainder = new BigDecimal("0");
BigDecimal minutes = new BigDecimal("0");
BigDecimal seconds = new BigDecimal("0");
BigDecimal var3600 = new BigDecimal("3600");
BigDecimal var60 = new BigDecimal("60");

(I have a roundThreeCalc which is the value in seconds so I try to convert it here.)

hours = (roundThreeCalc.divide(var3600));
myremainder = (roundThreeCalc.remainder(var3600));
minutes = (myremainder.divide(var60));
seconds = (myremainder.remainder(var60));
sequenceCaptureTime = hours.toString() + minutes.toString() + seconds.toString();

Then I set the editText to sequnceCaptureTime String.
But that didn't work. It force closed the app every time. I am totally out of my depth here, any help is greatly appreciated. Happy coding!

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You should have more luck with

hours = roundThreeCalc.divide(var3600, BigDecimal.ROUND_FLOOR);
myremainder = roundThreeCalc.remainder(var3600);
minutes = myremainder.divide(var60, BigDecimal.ROUND_FLOOR);
seconds = myremainder.remainder(var60);

This will drop the decimal values after each division.

Edit: If that didn't work, try this. (I just wrote and tested it)

public static int[] splitToComponentTimes(BigDecimal biggy)
    long longVal = biggy.longValue();
    int hours = (int) longVal / 3600;
    int remainder = (int) longVal - hours * 3600;
    int mins = remainder / 60;
    remainder = remainder - mins * 60;
    int secs = remainder;

    int[] ints = {hours , mins , secs};
    return ints;