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How to solve "/usr/bin/env: ruby_executable_hooks: No such file or directory"?

I just deploy jekyll in a vps, and config git post-receive hook on it. When I push blog update to vps from my laptop, I run into this error:

remote: /usr/bin/env: ruby_executable_hooks: No such file or directory

I searched for a while, and tried the method proposed in this post: bundle update: env: ruby_executable_hooks: No such file or directory, i.e., executing the commands below:

rvm @global do gem regenerate_binstubs
gem regenerate_binstubs

But it doesn't help, the error remains. Since I'm not familiar with rvm or ruby, could anyone give me a hint?

Answer Source

use wrappers, example:

$ which jekyll
# /path/to/rvm/gems/ruby-version/bin/jekyll

in the returned path replace bin with wrappers so you get:


this is a script that will load proper environment and fix your problem, wrappers are generated automatically withing RVM.

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