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Web Api Controller in other project, route attribute not working

I have a solution with two projects. One Web Api bootstap project and the other is a class library.

The class library contains a ApiController with attribute routing.
I add a reference from web api project to the class library and expect this to just work.

The routing in the web api is configured:


The controller is simple and looks like:

public class AlertApiController:ApiController
public HttpResponseMessage GetAlert()
return Request.CreateResponse<string>(HttpStatusCode.OK, "alert");

But I get a 404 when going to the url "/alert".

What am I missing here? Why can't I use this controller? The assembly is definitely loaded so I don't think is the answer here.

Any ideas?

Answer Source

Try this. Create a class in your class library project that looks like this,

public static class MyApiConfig {

  public static void Register(HttpConfiguration config) {

And wherever you are currently calling the config.MapHttpAttributeRoutes(), instead call MyApiConfig.Register(config).

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