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How to get notified when scrollToRowAtIndexPath finishes animating

This is a follow-up to How to get notified when a tableViewController finishes animating the push onto a nav stack.

In a

I want to deselect a row with animation, but only after the tableView has finished animating the scroll to the selected row. How can I be notified when that happens, or what method gets called the moment that finishes.

This is the order of things:

  1. Push view controller

  2. In
    I select a certain row.

  3. In
    (to the selected row).

  4. Then when that finishes scrolling I want to
    deselectRowAtIndexPath: animated:YES

This way, the user will know why they were scrolled there, but then I can fade away the selection.

Step 4 is the part I haven't figured out yet. If I call it in
then by the time the tableView scrolls there, the row has been deselected already which is no good.

Answer Source

You can use the table view delegate's scrollViewDidEndScrollingAnimation: method. This is because a UITableView is a subclass of UIScrollView and UITableViewDelegate conforms to UIScrollViewDelegate. In other words, a table view is a scroll view, and a table view delegate is also a scroll view delegate.

So, create a scrollViewDidEndScrollingAnimation: method in your table view delegate and deselect the cell in that method. See the reference documentation for UIScrollViewDelegate for information on the scrollViewDidEndScrollingAnimation: method.

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