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custom JSON sort_keys order in Python

Is there any way in Python 2.6 to supply a custom key or cmp function to JSON's sort_keys?

I've got a list of dicts coming from JSON like so:

"key": "numberpuzzles1",
"url": "number-puzzle-i.html",
"title": "Number Puzzle I",
"category": "nestedloops",
"points": "60",
"n": "087"
"key": "gettingindividualdigits",
"url": "getting-individual-digits.html",
"title": "Getting Individual Digits",
"category": "nestedloops",
"points": "80",
"n": "088"

...which I've stored into the list variable
. I'd like to be able to load in the JSON, modify it, and serialized it back out with
(or whatever), keeping the orders of the keys intact.

So far, I've tried something like this:

ordering = {'key': 0, 'url': 1, 'title': 2, 'category': 3,
'flags': 4, 'points': 5, 'n': 6}

def key_func(k):
return ordering[k]

# renumber assignments sequentially
for (i, a) in enumerate(assigndb):
a["n"] = "%03d" % (i+1)

s = json.dumps(assigndb, indent=2, sort_keys=True, key=key_func)

...but of course
doesn't support a custom key like
does. Something with a custom
maybe? I can't seem to get it going.

Answer Source

This is kind of ugly, but in case tokland's solution does not work for you:

data = [{'category': 'nestedloops', 'title': 'Number Puzzle I', 'url': 'number-puzzle-i.html', 'n': '087', 'points': '60', 'key': 'numberpuzzles1'}, {'category': 'nestedloops', 'title': 'Getting Individual Digits', 'url': 'getting-individual-digits.html', 'n': '088', 'points': '80', 'key': 'gettingindividualdigits'}]
ordering = {'key': 0, 'url': 1, 'title': 2, 'category': 3,
            'flags': 4, 'points': 5, 'n': 6}
outlist = []
for d in data:
    for k in sorted(d.keys(), key=lambda k: ordering[k]):
        outlist[-1].append(json.dumps({k: d[k]}))

for i, l in enumerate(outlist):
    outlist[i] = "{" + ",".join((s[1:-1] for s in outlist[i])) + "}"

s = "[" + ",".join(outlist) + "]"
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