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Apache Configuration Question

What is "make sure the owner of the folder is the Apache user (mostly it is www-data)"?

I have a PHP script application installed on a cloud server.
One of the function is the "PDF Preview", which is currently not working properly.

I contacted the PHP script owner, and he asked me to make sure:
1. dompdf/lib/font/ folder has write permissions (777)
2. the owner of the folder is the Apache user (mostly it is www-data)

For the 1st one, I tried to change the directory permission directly in the FileZilla interface. But it always changes back to 775 after I refresh...

For the 2nd one, I have no idea what it means... I contacted the technical support of my cloud server service. He said it's an App related issue, not server.

Can anyway give me some direction please? Should I use SSH? or anything else?

Really appreciated your help...


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If you have SSH access, it is easier.

1) SSH in and CD into your web directory (likely public_html)

2) run the command chmod -R 777 dompdf/lib/font/ However permission 755 is likely fine...

3) Run ls -l. It will likely look like this:

-rw-r--r-- 1 erin erin 395 Aug 21 2013 index.php

The first 'erin' is the user and the second 'erin' is the group. There may be other files that have the correct group (such as www or apache). Try and match other files in the public_html directory:

To change the owner: chown apache dompdf/lib/font/

To change the group: chgrp apache dompdf/lib/font/

If you're on shared hosting you might not have access to do this. I'm guessing it's more likely a path or configuration issue than a permissions issue, but give this a shot.

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