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jQuery Question

jquery detecting div of certain class has been added to DOM

I'm using

to bind events of divs that get created after the page loads. It works fine for click, mouseenter... but I need to know when a new div of class MyClass has been added. I'm looking for this:


wascreated: function () { DoSomething($(this)); }

}, '.MyClass');

How do I do this? I've managed to write my entire app without a plugin and I want to keep it that way.


Answer Source

3 years of experience later, this is how I listen to "element of a certain class added to the DOM": you simply add a hook into the jQuery html() function, like this:

function Start() {

   var OldHtml = window.jQuery.fn.html;

   window.jQuery.fn.html = function () {

     var EnhancedHtml = OldHtml.apply(this, arguments);

     if (arguments.length && EnhancedHtml.find('.MyClass').length) {

         var TheElementAdded = EnhancedHtml.find('.MyClass'); //there it is

     return EnhancedHtml;


This works if you're using jQuery, which I do. And it doesn't rely on the browser-specific event DOMNodeInserted, which is not cross-browser compatible. I also added the same implementation for .prepend()

Overall, this works like a charm for me, and hopefully for you too.

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