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How to save to Firebase - Swift

Probably I get something wrong.

This is how I try to store user data after fb auth:

func loginButton(loginButton: FBSDKLoginButton!, didCompleteWithResult result: FBSDKLoginManagerLoginResult!, error: NSError?) {
if let error = error {
let credential = FIRFacebookAuthProvider.credentialWithAccessToken(FBSDKAccessToken.currentAccessToken().tokenString)

FIRAuth.auth()?.signInWithCredential(credential) { (user, error) in

if let email = user?.email
self.ref.child("users").child(user!.uid).setValue(["email": email])
if let photoURL = user?.photoURL?.absoluteString
self.ref.child("users").child(user!.uid).setValue(["photoURL": photoURL])

What I get when I look into database in console is only the photoURL, looks like email is created and immmediately after deleted/overriden.

What's the correct way to save data to firebase?


When you set value you are overwriting everything at that path.

If you only want to replace certain values you should use:


Or replace/create entire user object

self.ref.child("users").child(user!.uid).setValue(["email": email, "photoURL": user?.photoURL?.absoluteString ?? ""])