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Python Question

ImportError: No module named request

I am trying to install python

on my machine.When i am trying to install the package as
pip install SpeechRecognition
. I am getting the following error.

import json, urllib.request

ImportError: No module named request

And then i referred and installed requests as
pip install requests
i am i am getting
Requirement already satisfied
.But still i am unable to install
.Please let me know what mistake i am doing.Thanks in advance

Answer Source

The SpeechRecognition library requires Python 3.3 or up:



The first software requirement is Python 3.3 or better. This is required to use the library.

and from the Trove classifiers:

Programming Language :: Python
Programming Language :: Python :: 3
Programming Language :: Python :: 3.3
Programming Language :: Python :: 3.4

The urllib.request module is part of the Python 3 standard library; in Python 2 you'd use urllib2 here.

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