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Linux Question

System lock or infinite loop is able to cause reboot?

My question is related to knowledge on embedded Linux.

I just observed a strange reboot on my embedded project, which is very easy to reproduce.

When some condition is triggered, the system will like "freezing". I mean, its like encounter some infinite loop or be locked. Last for several seconds, system will quietly reboot. Not even core dump!!

I have no much clue about the cause. Generally will a lock or infinite loop can truly trigger Linux reboot? Or are there any things can freeze system and cause reboot with no core dump happens?

Answer Source

It is common on embedded systems to have a hardware watchdog; a timer implemented in hardware that resets the processor if it is allowed to expire.

Typically some software monitoring task continuously verifies the integrity of the system and restarts the hardware watchdog timer. If the monitoring task fails to run and the watchdog timer expires, the watchdog triggers a processor reset directly.

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