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C++: cannot assign index to iterator

Okay, a small problem with, hopefully, a quick, simple solution.

In my school textbook, in a chapter about the STL, it gives a simple sample program to input for using lists and for using an iterator with a list, like so:

#include <list>
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;

int main()
list<int> myIntList;

// Insert to the front of the list.

// Insert to the back of the list.

// Forgot to add 6 to the list, insert before 7. But first
// we must get an iterator that refers to the position
// we want to insert 6 at. So do a quick linear search
// of the list to find that position.
list<int>::iterator i = 0;
for( i = myIntList.begin(); i != myIntList.end(); ++i )
if( *i == 7 ) break;

// Insert 6 were 7 is (the iterator I refers to the position
// that 7 is located. This does not overwrite 7; rather it
// inserts 6 between 5 and 7.
myIntList.insert(i, 6);

// Print the list to the console window.
for( i = myIntList.begin(); i != myIntList.end(); ++i )
cout << *i << " "; cout << endl;

Now, at the line that says

list<int>::iterator i = 0;

I get an error in VS 2015 that says:

no suitable constructor exists to convert from"int" to "std::_List_iterator<std::_List_val<std::_List simple_types<int>>>"

What is the problem with the code presented, what is the solution, and why is this a problem to begin with? <-(I'll even settle with a simple grammatical error).

Answer Source

The value 0 may not be a valid value for an iterator. Try either removing the assignment or assigning the iterator to myIntList.begin().

The iterator may not be able to be treated as an index, like with a vector or array. Usually linked lists are not accessed by index; you have to traverse from the beginning.

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