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C Question

C Programming : for loop and break

Can anybody tell me why the loop does not exit whenever I press letter X? How to make the program not get the value of backspace and enter into the array?

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#define N 2
#define M 4

int main()
int i,j,a[N][M];

return 0;

Answer Source

There are two problems in your code:

  • The first one is already pointed out by Rishikesh Raje: You need to add a space to the scanf() command in order to eat up the scanned "\n" characters.

  • Then, you scan characters (%c) and try to store them in an int-array. Use

    char a[N][M];

    instead. My gcc gives a warning at your erroneous code. Other compilers may silently ignore this.

    Still, in an little-endian-environment (Like PC's) one could think: a char stored at the address of an int-variable should result in the same value. However, the char-value occupies only one byte, the remaining bytes (3 or more) keep uninitialized. If there were zero-bytes before, than a[i][j] will be 'X', otherwise, it will be some random number.

    This explains the behaviour, I think you observed: The program stopped randomly at some 'X' but not always.

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