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Python Question

Contruct 3d array in numpy from existing 2d array

During preparing data for NumPy calculate. I am curious about way to construct:

myarray.shape => (2,18,18)


d1.shape => (18,18)
d2.shape => (18,18)

I try to use NumPy command:


but it looks not work!

Answer Source

hstack and vstack do no change the number of dimensions of the arrays: they merely put them "side by side". Thus, combining 2-dimensional arrays creates a new 2-dimensional array (not a 3D one!).

You can do what Daniel suggested.

You can alternatively convert your arrays to 3D arrays before stacking them, by adding a new dimension to each array:

d3 = vstack([ d1[newaxis,...], d2[newaxis,...] ])  # shape = (2, 18, 18)

In fact, d1[newaxis,...].shape == (1, 18, 18), and you can stack both 3D arrays directly and get the new 3D array (d3) that you wanted.

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