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TypeScript: How to import ES6 Map (NetBeans can't find)

We switched to from System.js to WebPack, and now NetBeans doesn't know where to find certain types, like

. The compiler is ok. It's just about code completion. I assume it's because the TypeScript plugin only knows how to deal with

I have tried this:

$ find -name Map*

So I tried these:

//import {Map} from 'rxjs/util/Map'
import {Map} from 'rxjs/src/util/Map'

But they are just (respectively)

export declare const Map: any
export const Map = root.Map || (() => MapPolyfill)();

and NetBeans complain on any normal use of the type.

I was also looking at
(after adding it to systemjs.config.js):

import {Map} from 'core-js/modules/es6.map';

But NetBeans says 'can't find module ...'.

What should I import to declare
to an unaware tool?

Answer Source

The error was, as some suspected, in the NetBeans plugin. NetBeans plugins repository contains an old version.

Downloading the latest version helped.

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