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Using Request within Eloquent Model Observer

In Laravel 5.3, we're trying to create a form, which the user can update their profile details, including a new password.

However we want to only set the password if its been submitted.

We're using a CRUD framework which handles the updating of the models, and we don't want to roll our own

update(Request $request)

We're aware that you can register model observers similar to

User::created(function(User $user){


We were hoping to achieve something similar to

User::created(function(User $user){

if( $request->has('password') ){
$user->password = bcrypt($request->input('password'));


However, when we access $request, its completely empty. e.g if we do
its an empty array, however if we dump out
we get everything.

I assume this is because of the order things are loaded, and the request system hasn't yet loaded.

Is there a way we can get the request without accessing the


Answer Source

request() helper should work for you:

if (request()->has('password')) {
    $user->password = bcrypt(request()->password);

You can access property with:

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