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Spring Boot @ConfigurationProperties YAML referencing

I really like the @ConfigurationProperties-functionality of Spring to load my configuration properties via YAML into a Java class.

Normally I would use it in a way, that I have the following yaml-file:

A: "FLT"
B: "123"
C: "345"
D: "TTS"

The type-attribute would be mapped to a Java-Map. Now i would like to have a solution to reference yaml-fragments in the yaml-file itself, so that I could reuse the reference to the fragment:

lst: ${typs}

A: "FLT"
B: "123"
C: "345"
D: "TTS"

Is that possible with Spring and @ConfigurationProperties?

Answer Source

I believe it is only possible to use placeholder with string properties. This leaves you with 2 options:

Solution - Define the map as a comma-separated String of key-values

The whole explanation is provided if you click on the link above. I'll walk you through it.

(1) application.yml:

prop1: A:FLT, B:123, C...
prop2: ${prop1}

(2) Define a String to Map converter/splitter (from @FedericoPeraltaSchaffner's answer)

public class PropertySplitter {
    public Map<String, String> map(String property) {
        return this.map(property, ",");
    private Map<String, String> map(String property, String splitter) {
        return Splitter.on(splitter).omitEmptyStrings().trimResults().withKeyValueSeparator(":").split(property);

(3) Inject the map using @Value and the splitter:

Map<String, String> prop1;

Map<String, String> prop2;
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