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Select both date and time column if MYSQL

Hi I'm trying select post where post date less than current date , AND post time less thank current time
Unfortunately I put post date and post time on separate column ,
whenever I tried get post of current day and it time Passed

SELECT date_published,`twitter_post`,`twitter_pubstatus`,`time_published`
FROM `topics` WHERE date_published <= CURDATE() AND time_published < CURTIME()

this gives me wrong result of course as MYSQL filters Post with
less than current hour .
In short Ho can I apply condition to select post published in current date that it time earlier than current hour , AND SELECT other post which older than current date ,
I tried using
statement to filter first result (where post are older than today) , and than join it with another result (whre posts are dated today and it time passed ).
this is my

twitter_post user_id date_published time_published
some post | 6507763398 | 2016-04-22 | 22:00:21
other post | 6507763398 | 2016-04-24 | 02:10:21
future post | 6507763398 | 2016-04-24 | 23:34:21

Answer Source


WHERE timestamp(date_published, time_published) <= NOW()

which is short and readable but cannot make use of indexes. To make it faster use

WHERE date_published < CURDATE()
  OR (date_published = CURDATE() AND time_published <= CURTIME())
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