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How to start handler again after calling removeCallbacks or removeCallbacksAndMessages on handler in android

I am working on an android app and have a

in which I send an API request each 60 seconds. I am using a
in this
to perform this work in the following manner :

// Global Variable in Fragment
private boolean isHandlerStopped = false;

// Create the Handler object (on the main thread by default) Handler handler = new Handler();

// Define the task to be run here
private Runnable runnableCode = new Runnable() {
public void run() {


// Get the No of New Feeds

// Repeat this runnable code again every 60 seconds
handler.postDelayed(runnableCode, 60000);

Now I have some links in this fragment which will open some activity in app and in that activity this fragment will be loaded again.
When I load this fragment in some other activity, I need to remove the callbacks from this handler as I do not want to send request to API in this case.
So, I have checked the condition and used the below code to stop callBacks.

isHandlerStopped = true;

and in
function I have written the below line :


Now when I come back to my fragment again, the handler does not work and If I remove removeCallbacks from onPause function and it works fine.

But I cannot remove
method from
function, how can I start the handler again with this.

Please help me if anyone know how to do this.

Thanks a lot in advanced.

Answer Source

Override onResume as well and restart your Handler there.

protected void onResume() {
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