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Prevent scroll-bar from adding-up to the Width of page on Chrome

I have a small issue trying to keep my .html pages at a consistent width on Chrome,
For example I have a page (1) with lots of contents that overflows the viewport's (right word?) height, so there's a vertical scroll-bar on that page (1). On page (2) i have the same layout (menus, divs,...etc) but less content, so no vertical scroll-bars in there.

The problem is that on page (1) the scroll-bars seem to push elements slightly to the left (adding-up to the width?) while everything appears well centered on page (2)

I'm still a beginner on HTML/CSS/JS, and I'm fairly convinced that this isn't so difficult, but i had no luck figuring out the solution. It does work as intended on IE10, and FireFox (non-interfering scroll-bars), I only encountered this on Chrome.

Thanks for the assistance !

Answer Source

You can get the scrollbar size and then apply a margin to the container.

Something like this:

var checkScrollBars = function(){
    var b = $('body');
    var normalw = 0;
    var scrollw = 0;
        normalw = window.innerWidth;
        scrollw = normalw - b.width();

CSS for remove the h-scrollbar:


Try to take a look at this:

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