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Swift Question

Replace specific characters in String Array

My String Array contains multiples strings:

var array = ["Test", "Another Test", "Third test"]

I wonder how I can replace all the "e" characters in the array with "*". It´s important for me to always use my array and not create a new one.

Any help would be appriciated.

Answer Source

You can either do something like this:

var array = ["Test", "Another Test", "Third test"]

for (index, str) in array.enumerated() {
    array[index] = str.replacingOccurrences(of: "e", with: "*")

Or a simpler solution with map:

array ={ $0.replacingOccurrences(of: "e", with: "*") })

Both will give you:

["T*st", "Anoth*r T*st", "Third t*st"]
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