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C++ Question

Inheriting And Using a Derived Function

I need to have a derived class call its new function as seen below. I've tried lots of different variants and positions of keywords.

I create a Base class with two methods PreLoad and Load. The point of PreLoad being to load things that always need to be loaded while Load is used for a class to load what it needs to function.

class Base
void PreLoad();
virtual void Load();

Base::Base() {

void Base::PreLoad() {

class Derived : public Base {
virtual void Load() {
std::cout << "Hia" << std::endl;

int main()
Derived d = Derived();
return 0;

Answer Source

Your code is lacking an implementation for Load in the base class. You have two options here:

  • Make Load() pure virtual - this option is good when subclasses must override Load(). Demo.
  • Provide a default implementation for Load() - this option is good when classes have an option of overriding Load(), but a default implementation is there. Demo.
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