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App on android studio doesn't load properly

I've been programming an app for Android Studio, however for some reason the app stopped loading properly suddenly, what I mean by that is the App loads up and all you can see is the Blue bar on top (without the app title) and blank white space below (and it shouldn't be blank).

so here are some things I tried:

  • load an earlier version of the project that worked fine for sure(although even the current did).

  • try to debug through an actual android phone.

  • clean and rebuild.

  • Reinstalled Android studio fresh with default settings.

  • reboot PC.

  • Waiting for very long.

  • smashing my head into the wall with an exponentially increasing force.

Any help is extremely appreciated.

btw I'm using Windows 10 - 64 bit.

[![appearentely the blue title bar was just in my imagination][1]][1]

found the problem in the code thanks for all the help
for those wondering I basically made an infinite loop accidentialy in the method getDays without realizing.

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Do you know every time when you override a method, you must reference super. Before setcontentView call super.onCreate(savedInstanceState);

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