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Bash Question

How to silently install dmg file in mac os x system (using shell script)?

I have used the following command for dmg file attach and detech

hdiutil attach installer.dmg
hdiutil detach installer.dmg

in the dmg file it contains
GUI mode installation, i can drag the to application location

What i need is when i double-click the script, dmg containing the app should install automatically to

application location in mac os x after that terminal window should automatically closed

Thanks in advance for your answers

Answer Source

well, a shell script like the following should do the job:


VOLUME=`hdiutil attach $1 | grep Volumes | awk '{print $3}'`
cp -rf $VOLUME/*.app /Applications
hdiutil detach $VOLUME

and you can run it that way:

% ~/Downloads/MyApp.dmg

be aware that I'm doing no argument checking in that little script, and that any existing app with the same name will get overwritten.


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