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Source environment variables and execute bash before running local script on remote machine

I'm trying to execute the remote local script with ssh connection. I've read a document about the syntax of it. But my issue is that, before running the script, I need to execute bash and source environment variables.

This looks appropriate for me but it has not a source command :

ssh [user]@[server] 'bash -s' < [local_script]

I've tried such a thing with EOF but it didn't work for me too :

/usr/bin/ssh "$user@$$host" <<EOF
bash -s
source /dir/to/profile/.profile
source /dir/to/env/set/env.sh
/path/to/script/script.sh stop

Do you have an idea for this type of implementation of remote commands ? I have to source profile before the environment settings otherwise it gives an exception. But the main problem is about source.

Maybe it was an easy question but I don't have any ideas. Thank you in advance for your all answers.

Answer Source

i fixed problem as writing another template script which source the environment variables and run the script. And it hopefully works.

source $PROFILE
cd /dir/to/script
/bin/bash script $1

If you use source command with bash shell, #!/bin/bash doesn't work for source command.

Thank you for all your comments.

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