Yura Yura - 1 year ago 196
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simpLESS not compiling

I am using 'simpLESS' program to compile my .less files into .css files on the fly.

It is really great!

However, after using it only for couple of days, 'simpLESS' stopped copiling the .less into .css files.
I have tried to reinstall, redownload and then reinstall, tried other directories, other .less files, tried recompiling manuall - but nothing works.

Has anyone experienced this?


Answer Source

I seem to found the problem. I had the following code:


      height: 17px;
      width: 23px;

However, the ".result_padding" actually was not defined. The simpLESS compiler should have spotted this, but I guess this is a bug. Anyway, after removing this line - it worked.

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