Pranay Deep Pranay Deep - 1 year ago 64
SQL Question

When we get column name plus integer in select query in sql server 2012?

I have a SP(Stored Procedure) and it have 6 temptable which contain deleted/inserted values from different 6 tables using

clause. Some columns are similar in all the 6 temptable.

Now when i am using

select *
from #temp1
left join other tables


I am getting correct data but the weird thing is the column name.
Somthing like this is happening

symbol | symbol1 | Symbol2 |... etc

I am getting column names but with added integer with them.

I am unable to understand why is it happening.


Answer Source

Just Got what is happening, sp is returning correct output. Problem is with my DataSet (I am using C#) and this DataSet is converting my column in symbol1,symbol2 .. etc.

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